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New Media Chat Transcript – October 27, 2009

[19:00] douglaswelch: Welcome everyone to this New Media Chat sponsored by New Media Interchange at http://newmediainterchange. Our community site is at
[19:00] douglaswelch: A transcript of tonight’s chat should be available on the web site when we are done. This is one reason we are using TinyChat tonight as our online living room.
[19:01] joliveroconnell: @Andrea–good to see you!
[19:01] joliveroconnell: And everyone
[19:01] douglaswelch: The goal of these chats is to share our New Media knowledge and learning. As I mentioned in the email invite, reach out to the less tech saaavy among you and iontroduce them to the chat so they can learn more.

[19:02] joliveroconnell: I did try to pressure my group, but Alma is the only one that took the challenge! She’s logging in now
[19:02] douglaswelch: That said, out agenda is fairly open. First and foremost, I like to hear what questions you might have about new media, as it is always my goal to answer those most bunring questions so you can start producing your own New Media.
[19:03] douglaswelch: Cool. I will welcome her when I see her log in. It can be difficult to get people involved but I really believe that many of us can use New Media to improve our careers, businesses and lives
[19:03] andrealouise1: A friend wants to upload tracks from her CD to facebook (which made me want to as well…) Is there are way to do that?
[19:04] douglaswelch: @andrea Yes. The first step is to import them into your computer from the CD itself. Then you can convert them to MP3s which are easily uploadable to Facebook and elsewhere.
[19:05] andrealouise1: I’ll see if I can do that here at work tomorrow and then show Kat afterwards.
[19:05] douglaswelch: One important thing is to make sure you include the MP3 “tags” in the file so that they travel along with the music. Then when people play it in their iTunes/iPod whatever, they have the Artist info and even contact info if you include it in the notes
[19:05] rockwanderer: is it best to host your audio/video files on a single site and export or to upload to several sites?
[19:05] douglaswelch: Basically, if you fill out the info in iTunes and then convert to MP3, that info will be included
[19:06] glennbennett: Aren’t there copyright issues with that, or is that old school concerns now?
[19:06] douglaswelch: For musicians especially, I encourage them to not just release tracks, but do a little “show” with them explaiing about how the song was created, upcoming shows and more info.
[19:07] douglaswelch: In the case of Andrea, I believe she is not represented so she controls the copyright of her music.
[19:07] glennbennett: ahh
[19:07] andrealouise1: What do you mean “show”
[19:07] douglaswelch: BTW, if you are a musician, approach your podcasting friends and offer up tracks fo clips to them to include in their show with attribution. They might like one of your songs as a theme song
[19:08] andrealouise1: What do you mean “show”
[19:08] douglaswelch: Bascially record a little intro talking about the song, your music, your web site
[19:08] andrealouise1: In iTunes?
[19:08] douglaswelch: Bascailly, more than just the raw track.
[19:08] guest-26693 entered the room
[19:08] guest-26693 changed nickname to rockwanderer
[19:09] douglaswelch: You would record that part in Garageband or other recording program, segue into the music and maybe have an outro as well.
[19:09] bshacklett: It seems to me that releasing one or two raw tracks may be a good option as well.
[19:09] douglaswelch: Think of it not only as just playing your music but giving the listeners a little added value in the form of more information. You might even tell them about some of your influences, etc
[19:10] andrealouise1: I’m not sure I would want that kind of thing in the track. It would make me nutty to have to listen to someone talking everytime I want to hear the song.
[19:10] douglaswelch: Also, there is the possibility of releasing “live” recordings and such as a bonus to your hardcore fans
[19:10] andrealouise1: I can see posting with a written intro or outro like that.
[19:11] guest-26788 entered the room
[19:11] douglaswelch: You could always do both, of course. Then the listener could get the info in one and still have a “clean” version to add to their playlist.
[19:11] guest-26791 entered the room
[19:11] andrealouise1: hmmm…
[19:11] guest-26791 changed nickname to bshacklett
[19:11] douglaswelch: The reaon I suggest a “show” is that you shoul dbe getting some value from releasing your music, too
[19:11] glennbennett: sounds like a good idea to me
[19:11] andrealouise1: How so
[19:12] douglaswelch: Fans LOVE behind the scenes info and this is one way of providing that.
[19:12] douglaswelch: Having a link to your web site with info, show dates, Buy This CD links etc is valuable to you
[19:12] douglaswelch: It also gives fans a place to refer others who they think might be interested in your music.
[19:13] douglaswelch: The fact is, this “Show” concept can be adapted to a number of uses.
[19:13] guest-26912 entered the room
[19:13] douglaswelch: You give people information and they give you attention in return
[19:14] guest-26912 changed nickname to joliveroconnell
[19:14] douglaswelch: As for producing a “show” we could do a quick ‘Intro to Garageband” as a meeting some night, either in-person or online.
[19:15] douglaswelch: Garageband and iMovie make producing your own shows very easy and I think they really help to raise your profile when placed on yoru web site and places like YouTube, etc
[19:15] douglaswelch: Any more questions about that or another topic?
[19:16] douglaswelch: One final thought on my part…one of the greatest way to spread the word about what you do is to interview other people. It sounds odd, but when you intervierw someone else
[19:16] douglaswelch: …
[19:17] trace: Yes! Great advice
[19:17] douglaswelch: …the first thing they do is tell all their contacts, mailing lists, etc. You can access to their mailing lists and contacts without having to beg/buy/steal access to their mailing list
[19:17] douglaswelch: I find that I get some of my best ideas when talking with other people, so I get double and triple benefits out fo interviews
[19:17] trace: Also, using Twittter and Facebook to spread the word.
[19:17] trace: A facebook fan page
[19:18] douglaswelch: Yes. Producing a show gives you something worthwhile to talk about on Twitter, Facebook, Your Blog, etc.
[19:18] douglaswelch: Facebook fan pages can be very useful. I recommend them as FB just has a lot of “juice” right now, People are very interested in it and it is in people’s minds lately
[19:19] guest-27094 entered the room
[19:19] bshacklett: I definitely agree with that
[19:19] guest-27094 changed nickname to joliveroconnell
[19:19] douglaswelch: One thing I do too is use one service to feed the others so that I get what I describe as the “New Media Multiplier” effect
[19:19] trace: Is that Tubemogul?
[19:19] joliveroconnell: Sorry, having issues with my wireless and the wind!
[19:20] douglaswelch: I tend to use Twitter as my home base, so when I post to my blog, it is also Twittered out automatically. This is then also sent to Facebook, Myspace and others
[19:20] andrealouise1: That would make my life much easier if I didn’t have to post in 5 or10 places
[19:20] douglaswelch: TubeMogul is specifically used to distribute your videos to many differenet sites.
[19:20] andrealouise1: How do you do that? (Twitter doesn’t have enough characters for me) 🙂
[19:21] joliveroconnell: I feel the same–Twitter just doesn’t give me enough words
[19:21] douglaswelch: I use to watch my various RSS feeds and send updates to Twitter. Then I use the Twitter app on Facebook to update my Facebook status. Myspace also now provides a similar tool
[19:21] joliveroconnell: And I’m on some newer sites that often aren’t covered.
[19:21] douglaswelch: Yes, it doesn’t cover everything, but you plug stuff together as it beomces available.
[19:22] douglaswelch: You can also use to update many sites from one message. They support Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a host of others.
[19:23] douglaswelch: In the the case of TwitterFeed, it takes the subject line of the blog post and as much more as will fit and includes a link to the blog post
[19:23] douglaswelch: You can also use the Notes feature of a Facebook Fan Page to automatically add your blog posts to the Fan page.
[19:24] douglaswelch: The fact is some people live and die in Facebook, so you are providing the information to where they live and engage with them there, even if that isn’t your home base of your social media time.
[19:25] bshacklett: Facebook pages also allow fans to show who they’re interested in, which drives more traffic to your content.
[19:25] douglaswelch: Part of the reasoning here goes back to my general rule about visibility. You goal is to make what you do, and how well you do it, visible to as many people as possible.
[19:25] joliveroconnell: I pretty much live in FB, so my prefernce is that it feeds everything else.
[19:25] douglaswelch: Yes, Brian, I like the fact that is says “Douglas has become a FAN of XYZ”
[19:25] guest-27390 entered the room
[19:26] douglaswelch: Facebook can feed Twitter now and there might be ways to feed other services. I would have to see what you want to update and how it might be connected
[19:27] andrealouise1: I just registered w/ ping and (THAT looks like a God send) plus I’m also booking conference rooms at work. I think my head may explode.
[19:27] douglaswelch: Much like in the early days of email we will see more and more connecting of these sites. The network effect outweighs any benefits of a walled garden to each service
[19:27] guest-27390 changed nickname to almarogers
[19:27] joliveroconnell: @Andrea–I hated doing that
[19:27] joliveroconnell: So don’t miss help desk.
[19:27] douglaswelch: Multitaksing will kill ya! 🙂
[19:27] joliveroconnell: Alma has joined us–yay!
[19:27] douglaswelch: Welcome Alma!
[19:27] almarogers: Thanks.
[19:28] douglaswelch: If you have any questions, just jump in. Think of us as sitting around a big table over dinner. 🙂
[19:28] douglaswelch: One big happy (a bit crazy) family! 🙂
[19:28] andrealouise1: As long as you’re doing the cooking… I’m too busy right now… 🙂
[19:28] andrealouise1: Hey! I RESEMBLE that remark!
[19:28] joliveroconnell: LOL!
[19:28] douglaswelch: I made my homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner. Yum!
[19:29] joliveroconnell: Tasty. Baked chicken with rice pilaf on this end.
[19:29] douglaswelch: On a New Media topic, I am going to make a Vietnames Coconut-banana bread pudding thing later and might try and record some video to share
[19:30] douglaswelch: I have been also getting more involved with and might soon be creating some content for them.
[19:30] joliveroconnell: So can you post video to Twitter, or you have to post it elsewhere and link to it?
[19:30] rockwanderer: OooOOoh…that sounds good.
[19:30] douglaswelch: With Twitter you are posting links to content that is elsewhere. They don’t directly support media of any type. Just 140 character message
[19:31] douglaswelch: That said, allows you to upload/share and then post links to Twitter for pictures
[19:31] joliveroconnell: Gotcha. I discovered I’m on ping. I just need to add more feeds
[19:31] douglaswelch: Many different services are plugging into Twitter for notification.
[19:32] douglaswelch: One of my favorite uses, which seems to be popular with my followers, are my “Noted” items. These are items I share in Google Reader as I am reading my RSS feeds.
[19:32] douglaswelch: When I click Share they are aotomatically shared on Twitter too
[19:32] joliveroconnell: That’s how you do that!
[19:32] douglaswelch: These then show up in Facebook, as well.
[19:32] douglaswelch: Thse alone have increased my interaction and conversation on Facebook dramatically.
[19:33] douglaswelch: I did them first as an experiment, but people have liked them, so I have continued to include them in my feed
[19:33] douglaswelch: So, does everyone here have some form of blog? If not, why not?
[19:34] joliveroconnell: I have one.
[19:34] glennbennett: Many
[19:34] trace: Several
[19:34] almarogers: What’s a blog?
[19:34] rockwanderer: have one, working on getting another started
[19:34] bshacklett: yes
[19:34] bshacklett: Unfortunately, my provider is having “issues” at the moment, lol.
[19:35] douglaswelch: @Alma, think of a blog as a place to share stuff with your friends, contacts, family, the world. It is a place to talk about the neat stuff you are doing or seeing elsewhere
[19:35] joliveroconnell: @rockwander-same here. I was down for about 10 minutes
[19:35] douglaswelch: @Brian Yeah, that happens doesn’t it?
[19:35] andrealouise1: I think of it as a journal, only you publish it…
[19:35] joliveroconnell: Sorry, that was directed to bshacklett
[19:35] douglaswelch: @Jennifer Info on Twittering your Shared Items is in my blog post here –
[19:36] joliveroconnell: @Doug–great! I’ll check that out.
[19:36] douglaswelch: @Andrea, yes…I willl add that it can be journal, newsletter, rant page, PR info,— whatever your want it to be, It needn’t be what anyone else thinks it should be.
[19:37] glennbennett: I have many microsites and each has it’s own network (twitter account and such)…how can I propagate the notifications from these microsites up to my personal network and such?
[19:37] douglaswelch: I think sometimes we get tied up in what others tell us it should or should not be.
[19:37] bshacklett: I’ve found Simplaris Blogcaster to be useful for facebook
[19:37] bshacklett: It receives pings from my blog any time I update and updates my profile.
[19:37] douglaswelch: @Glenn Typically I find that using the RSS generated by each site is one way of sharing them among the others
[19:38] almarogers: What’s the RSS?
[19:38] douglaswelch: I mentioned above which takes any RSS feed and sends updates to Twitter whenever it finds something new in that feed. I have about 12 feeds directing to a number of sites.
[19:39] glennbennett: okay thanks
[19:39] glennbennett: I’ll look into that
[19:39] douglaswelch: @Alma RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a file automatically produced by your blog and other services that contains everything as you post it to your blog. It also has date time info so services can tell when there is something new.
[19:39] douglaswelch: This can then be used to update services or, in my case, used with an RSS Reader ( to bring info to me instead of having to visit each site seperately
[19:41] douglaswelch: This 3 min video from gives a great introduciton to RSS –
[19:41] douglaswelch: CommonCraft also has excellent videos on Twitter, and a host of topics. Very well done and informative, as well as cute and fun
[19:42] almarogers: Thanks for all the tips.
[19:42] douglaswelch: If you haven’t checked out Google Reader ( do yourself a favor and head over there. Reading RSS feeds using Reader has become my “magazine reading” I can monitor hundreds of sites on a daily basis becuase information comes to me ONLY when the site has posted somehting new.
[19:43] douglaswelch: You are very welcome Alma.
[19:43] douglaswelch: To get in a plug, if anyone has questions after this chat, please add them to the discussion forums on the NMI Community site. –
[19:44] douglaswelch: This is where the conversation continues after these chats and between meetings. Tell your friends, too!
[19:44] douglaswelch: You can also share your new media projects there, too, including photos, audio and video
[19:44] douglaswelch: I will regularly pick from these to highlight on the main NMI blog, too
[19:45] joliveroconnell: Nice!
[19:45] douglaswelch: Any other questions this blustery evening?
[19:46] bshacklett: What’s your feeling on separating social networks?
[19:46] joliveroconnell: Interesting question.
[19:46] bshacklett: For instance, I really try to keep Facebook to friends only and use Twitter for getting my content out.
[19:46] trace: what does that mean?
[19:47] bshacklett: Am I potentially shooting myself in the foot?
[19:47] douglaswelch: Hmm, I think the biggest benefit comes form connecting them all together. The fact is, I can’t possibily be fully engaged on all of them, so I use one to update the others
[19:47] trace: I have to say I think Facebook is very impt to business.
[19:48] douglaswelch: Ah, this is where Fan pages come in so handy on Facebook. You can keep your friends a small little group and use the Fan oage to interact with your “Fans”
[19:48] douglaswelch: Too many people friended “promisuously” on Facbeook and now have waaaay to many friends to deal with
[19:48] bshacklett: I’ve been thinking about doing that for a while. I’m just not sure I have enough reason to yet.
[19:48] douglaswelch: Does this make since Brian?
[19:49] bshacklett: Definitely. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so selective.
[19:49] douglaswelch: Well, you could set one up now to get the feel for it and then you have a place to send people once the need arises.
[19:49] bshacklett: Good point.
[19:49] douglaswelch: since=sense Geez 😦
[19:50] douglaswelch: I have fan pages for NMI and Career Opportunities podcast becuase some people prefer to interact on Facebook. It does me no harm to set up shop there in their “hometown” so to speak
[19:50] bshacklett: That’s true.
[19:51] douglaswelch: So, as a test, I am going to try and send some audio and video through TinyChat to give you a sample. Please turn down your volume controls now. 🙂
[19:51] glennbennett: done
[19:51] Topic: New Media Questions and Answersr
[19:52] andrealouise1: I use my friends and fan pages for promotion. The Friends pages on Facebook give you a lot more flexibility than the Fan pages. I just am careful about what I post and hide the “friends” who are just business-y, if that makes sense, so I don’t ahve to read their feeds (none of you are in that category btw
[19:52] rockwanderer: shiny!
[19:52] glennbennett: I see it
[19:52] joliveroconnell: Aren’t you pretty!
[19:52] andrealouise1: ROCKWANDERER is a browncoat?
[19:52] rockwanderer: of course!
[19:52] andrealouise1: I see you too… back to my conference rooms…
[19:52] joliveroconnell: This is cool..
[19:52] andrealouise1: Shiny!
[19:52] andrealouise1: Who are you, rockwanderer?
[19:53] rockwanderer: good question
[19:53] joliveroconnell: @Andrea-that’s so existential!
[19:53] andrealouise1: 🙂
[19:53] glennbennett: You’re breaking up just a bit
[19:54] rockwanderer: its the wind
[19:54] joliveroconnell: Probably that same damn telemarketer that calls me!
[19:54] bshacklett: Everyone registered on the do not call list?
[19:54] joliveroconnell: Doesn’t work!
[19:54] joliveroconnell: They still call
[19:54] douglaswelch: YEs, we get so many hangups on that line it is unbeleiveable
[19:55] almarogers: Shouldn’t you put your phone on vibrate?
[19:55] joliveroconnell: lol
[19:55] bshacklett: Murphy’s law
[19:55] douglaswelch: Of course
[19:55] douglaswelch: Any final questions before we wrap it up tongiht?
[19:55] joliveroconnell: None from me–it’s been great!
[19:56] glennbennett: could you do this same thing with skype?
[19:56] rockwanderer: *thumbs up*
[19:56] andrealouise1: Wish me luck driving home — I’m afraid to be blown off the mountain in my little Saturn…
[19:56] joliveroconnell: @Andrea–lifting up prayers for yah!
[19:56] bshacklett: I drive a pretty light car and I didn’t have much trouble tonight if that helps at all.
[19:56] douglaswelch: Back to the chat
[19:56] bshacklett: but good luck 🙂
[19:56] andrealouise1: Thanks, Jen…
[19:57] andrealouise1: Thanks bsshacklett… I’m hearing the office building I’m in creak…
[19:57] douglaswelch: @Glenn Yes you could do similar things with Skype and a number of other services inclusing Oovoo, and more
[19:57] andrealouise1: Do you all know about the f
[19:57] andrealouise1: fake Facebook Virus?
[19:57] andrealouise1: OUr office Spamminator just caught it.
[19:58] douglaswelch: To be picky it is not so much a virus as a Phishing attack. They get you to log into their site instead of Facebook and grab your login ID and password
[19:58] glennbennett: thanks for the info
[19:58] andrealouise1:
[19:58] andrealouise1: There is info about it…
[19:58] andrealouise1: I read it’s a Trojan Horse… it can really do some damange
[19:59] andrealouise1: I’m trying to get the good link where I read this.
[19:59] douglaswelch: The main thing it can do it take over your account and spam your friends and also allow other things into your machine.
[19:59] glennbennett: bye all
[19:59] andrealouise1: but of course now my system is really slow
[20:00] douglaswelch: The trouble is you do the first damage to yourself by running or installing something
[20:00] joliveroconnell: Bye everyone!
[20:00] joliveroconnell: Thanks again, Doug
[20:00] andrealouise1: It contains a trojan.
[20:00] rockwanderer: ‘night!
[20:00] andrealouise1: Just be careful with it.
[20:00] andrealouise1: Nighty night
[20:00] almarogers: Good night, All.
[20:00] douglaswelch: Make sure your updates are done and your anti-whatever is updated and in place
[20:00] douglaswelch: Always a good recommendation!
[20:01] trace: Thanks Doug!
[20:01] douglaswelch: Thanks again everyone. I would like to highly encourage you to “bring your friends” to a future chat and help them learn about new media,
[20:01] trace: Will do..
[20:01] bshacklett: Good night.
[20:01] douglaswelch: Just becuase they might not be tech saavy doesn’t mean they can’t or shoudln’t benefit from New Media
[20:01] douglaswelch: Again, our blog is at
[20:02] douglaswelch: Community site at
[20:02] douglaswelch: Please post your questions, comments and new media projects there and tell your friedns
[20:02] douglaswelch: Be well everyone and have a great Halloween. I hear “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in teh background here
[20:03] douglaswelch: Night all!
[20:03] douglaswelch: The chat transcript will be placed on the blog and the community site in a short time so you can find web addresses and other information


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