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New Media Chat Transcript – November 24, 2009

douglaswelch: Welcome to New Media Chat sponsored by New Media Interchange at
douglaswelch: The conversation continues 24/7 on the New Media Interchange Community site at Post your questions and comments there in the days between these chats.
douglaswelch: With that said, the chat room is open for your questions, and comments. How is everyone tonight?
guest-13678 entered the room
junglejenny: excellent!
guest-13678 changed nickname to meganenloe
rockwanderer: thumbs up
douglaswelch: Things seem to be settling down/getting crazy as the holiday approaches
meganenloe: A little?
douglaswelch: If you didn’t get a chance to watch/participate in Fabulous Find Fridays this week, I invite you to check things out on the NMI Community site
michaelcuetta: is this show still happening?
douglaswelch: Start collecting your favorite finds for this coming Friday
douglaswelch: This is just a text chat tonight Michael
junglejenny: I have a question, who uses worpress?
douglaswelch: Ooo Ooo ME Me…but you already knew that
meganenloe: I do but I’m always lost on it.
junglejenny: Doug, your a god, thanks for helping me the other night.
rockwanderer: is there a benifit to using wordpress over blogger?
douglaswelch: Glad to help. I got a great post for Careers in New Media from your quandry
michaelcuetta: is there a top blogs link for wordpress?
junglejenny: I’m using wordpress as my website actually.
douglaswelch: @michael Somrthing that shows the top links on the given blog?
michaelcuetta: of the wordpress blogs, the most read
douglaswelch: @rockwanderer these days I lean towards WordPress for a couple of reasons but I still have 3 blogs on Blogger which were created years ago
junglejenny: not sure.
douglaswelch: @michael I think that the home page has a list of the top blogs hosted there, since they can see all the stats from these hosted blogs
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douglaswelch: @rockwanderer I like that WordPress blogs can start on and then migrate up to a self-hosted WordPress blog pretty easily
guest-13837 changed nickname to tracypattin
douglaswelch: Also, you can only get all the features of blogger now if you host on Blogspot. My Blogger blogs are actually hosted on my web site using the old fto method
douglaswelch: Hey Tracy!
tracypattin: hey doug!
tracypattin: been busy dealing with my FTP site and thinking up Qs for the chat
douglaswelch: WordPress is powerful and with that power comes a complexity which can be intimidating
douglaswelch: @Tracy Cool
guest-13874 entered the room
guest-13874 changed nickname to facebook_user
douglaswelch: The plugin interface of WordPress also allows you to easily add features with little fuss

douglaswelch: Hello facebook_user. You should be able to type /NICK to choose a name other than the default
facebook_user: /nike burt.lo
douglaswelch: Hi Burt!
facebook_user: d’oh!
douglaswelch: Heh
facebook_user: hey, Douglas! First time here for me
facebook_user changed nickname to burtlo
douglaswelch: Welcome! If you have questions or comments, just shout them out and we will all chime in
burtlo: any particular subject, or is it wordpress for tonight?
douglaswelch: Overall, New Media, we just had a WordPress question first off
burtlo: ah.
burtlo: i’m involved with PMI in San Diego
douglaswelch: I had a few new posts on Careers in New Media this week, including my sessions from PodCampAZ 2weeks ago
burtlo: we just moved the local chapter’s website to WordPress MU
douglaswelch: Ah, for everyone MU stands for MultiUser.
douglaswelch: Right?
burtlo: yup
junglejenny: does that mean multiple admins
douglaswelch: This bridges WordPress closer to a CMS (Content Mangement System) like Drupal or Joomla
burtlo: yeah, you can have as many admins as you want and assign them sub-websites to manage
junglejenny: interesting…
douglaswelch: I am not terribly familiar with it, but I think it also allows you to establish writer->editor->admin workflows, too
guest-14030 entered the room
burtlo: it’s sucha different paradigm than I’m used to, and I haven’t spent an awful lot of time with it
burtlo: douglas, I believe you’re right.
douglaswelch: It only came out about a year ago, I think
burtlo: we’re defining industry specific sub-webs
burtlo: assigning primary and 2nd admins
douglaswelch: It is designed for big, group blog, web sites where there has to be more control and flowof content
junglejenny: what is your website so I can look at an example
douglaswelch: Cool
douglaswelch: Yes, please, if it is available
michaelcuetta: is there a wordpress sublink that has most read blogs list?
burtlo: if you’re asking me, michael, I don’t know
junglejenny: nice theme michael
douglaswelch: I tried to answer that question Michael, but I am sorry if I didn’t. Are you looking for the most read blogs on the INternet or just those using wordpress
burtlo: my involvement up to now has been minimal, but out thinking is to get industry leaders/bloggers posting with
burtlo: develop the social network within PMs
douglaswelch: Cool, Burt
burtlo: Only those accepted as blog posters will be able to start threads
douglaswelch: Quick questions to everyone…How often are you posting to your blogs/podcasts per week
burtlo: zero for me
junglejenny: starting ever other day for blogging…no podcasting yet
junglejenny: once a week is my goal for podcasting
douglaswelch: If find mine all go in fits and starts as material presents itsself, except for Career Opportunities which I try to keep weekly
meganenloe: Daily for work but for my own just whenever I have something to say on my own blog.
rockwanderer: usually a couple blogs a week, nothing interesting.
douglaswelch: Once a week is good for podcasting. Daily seems to quickly become a grind and once a month seems like too long between shows
junglejenny: does it make that much of a difference in seo if you blog once a day, every 2 days, etc
tracypattin: I agree. That’s what I’ve been doing..
tracypattin: Good question Jenny!
douglaswelch: While no outsider really knows the insides of Google’s Search algorithm, frequent content seems to have an advantage.
burtlo: can i ask what each of your are blogging/podcasting about?
tracypattin: How do we manage our time? What is the most efficient way of building content?
douglaswelch: I think posting frequently and regularly also simeply gives you more content for Google to consume. I often say that my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method is to bury Google in content. 🙂
tracypattin: I have a show called, New Media Tea Time “where hi tech meets low tech for tea and chocolate.
junglejenny: reptiles, exotice animals, eco tourism, captive care, cool stuff
burtlo: afaik, google’s seo is primarily based on “relevance”.
burtlo: thanks tracy, jenny!
douglaswelch: Career Opportunities on careers, A Gardener’s Notebook, TechnologyIQ and Careers in New Media
junglejenny: does it help when you add links inside your blog?
tracypattin: it’s a video show..Our biggest challenge is to get the word out..
rockwanderer: nothing interestning just a personal blog.
tracypattin: What I’ve found is having guests on the show is the best way to spread the word.
junglejenny: That way they add your link to their website, etc
douglaswelch: @Jenny Linking to yourself and others is considered good SEO, but especially having others link to you is most important
guest-14249 entered the room
burtlo: that’s the definition of “relevance”, having others point to you
junglejenny: OK, everyone starting adding junglejenny to your blogging…..just kidding
burtlo: sorry, relevance is my work
douglaswelch: @Tracy Yes, interviews and guests are one of the best methods as your guests almsot immediately tell their followers to check out the interview, etc
burtlo: er, word
burtlo: no reason not to do so. this is networking in effect, right?
junglejenny: You know it!
douglaswelch: I think relevance is important on the returned search results, defintiely, but you also have to get Google to discover your stuff and have something that it can consume
douglaswelch: I consider linking to be “sharing the wealth” If I liked it, why not share it with others.
guest-14249 changed nickname to curmudgeongal
douglaswelch: Many of my blogs started as a place to put interesting items I found in my travels
douglaswelch: Hello Alice!
curmudgeongal: hi Doug, just got home
guest-14327 entered the room
guest-14327 changed nickname to rockwanderer
douglaswelch: BTW, My PodCampAZ sessions are now up in audio and video format at – My Podcasting Process and Stay in Control of Your RSS Feed
douglaswelch: Which also gives me a chance to remind everyone that you should record yourself any time you are speaking, teaching, presenting, whatever. Don’t let that content disappear!
curmudgeongal: what is our subject?
guest-14387 entered the room
guest-14387 changed nickname to marylynn3
douglaswelch: New Media in general. We started with a little WordPress and then some talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
douglaswelch: Hey Mary Lynn
marylynn3: Hey Douglas! Better late than never.
douglaswelch: If you have a question or comment, shout it out and we will jump in
douglaswelch: @MaryLynn True that! 🙂
douglaswelch: The transcript will also be a avialable for anything you missed
curmudgeongal: I want to know if anyone has put an album for sale on iTunes?
junglejenny: nope
burtlo: i know two people who have, but don’t know about the process
burtlo: lotta help that was, huh? 😉
douglaswelch: @Alice, one distributor I know about is . They handle physical fulfillment but also digital distribution to itunes, Rhapsody and other online sales sites
burtlo: so, are people using blogging for 1) journaling, 2) marketing, 3) both, 4) neither, 5) other?
douglaswelch: My sister, Denise, was researching this for one of her clients and found another one. Let me see if I can dig up a link
burtlo: basically I’m wondering if you are blogging primarily to share versus to attract
burtlo: or both?
douglaswelch: @Burt for me it is sharing, technical articles, my career column, garden column/journalling
curmudgeongal: I blog and podcast to get my brilliant (LOL) opinions out into the world to share with the less knowledgable
burtlo: doug, in effect, though, you put that out there to attract as well, right?
douglaswelch: @Burt Oh, I think it can and should be used for both. You attract attention by sharing great information…either that info you create or that you found elsewhere
burtlo: or would you post regardless?
marylynn3: For us it is both – sharing and attracting. We are building a brand. We have been hired too b/c of the content on
curmudgeongal: I would also like to develop a brand
douglaswelch: One place I fall down is that I do attract attention, but I am very bad at monetizing that attention.
burtlo: cool, marylynn. would you and alice tell me your blog/podcast subjects?
burtlo: doug — big struggle for me as well, monetizing my efforts
curmudgeongal: mine are current events, politics, cultural topics and general stupidity that pisses me off
marylynn3: @burtlo ours is personal & professional development. We’re about living life on your own terms – its the way
douglaswelch: @Alice Here is a direct link for CD Baby digital distribution info –
burtlo: so, alice, what brand do you want to develop?
curmudgeongal: I would like to build up the name “Curmudgeon Gal” and eventually have my own radio/podcast show
douglaswelch: @Alice Here is the other distributor –
curmudgeongal: thanks Doug!
marylynn3: We use e-junkie for premium content we sell
douglaswelch: MaryLynn has a great podast entitled BiggSuccess –
douglaswelch: @MaryLynn Ah, hadn’t heard of e-junkie
douglaswelch: Had heard of, though
meganenloe: @curmudgeongal: I did the oposit. Built up PodcastJunky and now regreting it.
marylynn3: Yes premiumcast is something we will use in the future. A little pricey for us right now
douglaswelch: @meganenloe Still dealing with the “junky” in the name?
curmudgeongal: I remember podcastjunky and listend to it often
curmudgeongal: does premiumcast get wider exposure?
douglaswelch: I am not sure if I mentioned PodcastJunky in my UCLA Class, but I think it might be in my resource pages, etc
junglejenny: I’ll check it out!
douglaswelch: PRemiumcast is more about the back end than producing exposure, That is still up to you
curmudgeongal: ok
douglaswelch: They provide the sales and delivery mechanisms
marylynn3: PodcastJunky is great! Wow, so nice to meet you in here!
douglaswelch: @Alice Oh, also, you could sell your friend’s downloads yourself using one of these services, too, in combination with iTunes or instead of
meganenloe: Thanks all, I must dust off my mic one of these days.
curmudgeongal: when you say backend are you referring to monetizing?
douglaswelch: Oh oh, another Fan megan (LAUGH) Megan has such groupies. I am envious. (LAUGH)
marylynn3: Another great source for selling content is
douglaswelch: @Alice more like taking payments, deliverign files, invoicing the customer, etc
douglaswelch: @MaryLynn have to file that one away too
burtlo: are any of you working with Sharepoint?
curmudgeongal: ok, that’s interesting too
marylynn3: You create the CD cover and only pay a small amount per CD sold. The only downside – its a physical CD
meganenloe: I have to cut out early. Time to get the kids ready for bed. Good By all
junglejenny: interesting
curmudgeongal: don’t know sharepoint
douglaswelch: Ah, that sounds like CD Baby’s original system. Then they moved into digital distribution too
burtlo: bye megan!
douglaswelch: Night Megan!
curmudgeongal: night Megan
rockwanderer: “night 🙂
burtlo: Sharepoint is MS’s content management (on steroids!)
burtlo: I’m still a newb, so I may not give the greatest answers
douglaswelch: To get started sellgin stuff, you can also jsut to “hand fulfillment” You have a paypal button, get an email and then deliver the content via email or download link
junglejenny: Doug, I gotta go too….comedy club tickets. You are all awesome!!! Thanks for the chat. 🙂
burtlo: bye jenny!
douglaswelch: No extra costs to get started.
junglejenny: Become a fan of Jungle Jenny on facebook, just started it.
marylynn3: Thanks Douglas for your kind words earlier about our podcast. I’m getting so caught up in the great conversati
douglaswelch: Hehe heh
burtlo: otw, jenny
douglaswelch: That is exactly the purpose of the chats, to dive deeper for a little while
marylynn3: Will look for you on FB jungle jenny
guest-14860 entered the room
douglaswelch: If you have links to Facebook etc you can enter this information on your profile oj the NMI Community site, too
guest-14884 entered the room
douglaswelch: …and today I started a Twitter list for NMI members. Send me you Twitter handle and I will add you
guest-14884 changed nickname to sarahchar
marylynn3: Cool!
sarahchar: hello.. can only stay a coupla mins
douglaswelch: If you have a show or blog, setting up a Facebook Fan Page can be a great way to engage people on Facebook, even if you don’t spend all your time there
douglaswelch: Hey Sarah!
burtlo: hi sarah
sarahchar: hey!
curmudgeongal: to figure out how to market it. iTunes wants to pay $0,60 for royalty – no way!
sarahchar: im wraping a proj this eve.. so cant stay but a few..
douglaswelch: @Alice That is why it might be better to start out doing it yourself first. CD Baby takes 9% I think of purchase price
burtlo: talking about wordpress, getting to know each other’s blogs/casts, CD distribution
burtlo: developing personal brands
sarahchar: ahha
burtlo: and reasons for blog/casting
curmudgeongal: that sounds like a good idea, will check it out
douglaswelch: @Alice The most basic process is to build a paypall button for the product and get that on the web site. When someone purchased it, you would get an email from PayPal with their email address. Y
burtlo: any photographers here?
douglaswelch: You could then either email it to them as an attachment or send them a download link that is good for 1-day or something
douglaswelch: This would gauge the interest in the download and then you could move up to something more automated as sales increased
douglaswelch: I am just a casual photog, but I believe Sarah is more “pro”
sarahchar: photography.. =
burtlo: as far as branding goes, i’m going in a couple directions
marylynn3: Can you password protect a podcast on a WP page? Then provide that link with login info for pay?
sarahchar: im only a pro when i’m paid fer it. 😉
burtlo: otw, sarah
douglaswelch: @BurtLo I just purchased to move my branding to a more personal level
burtlo: i just started moving away from the personal
douglaswelch: @MaryLynn You could do a password protected static page fo rsure. I Think you can do it in WordPress too, but I haven’t tried it
sarahchar: i almost bought because i see my name come up in so many random OLD links when I googled meself tday
douglaswelch: Changed my main home page too to reflect shift in direction to New Media folcused
burtlo: –>
sarahchar: then i thought.. oh.. im not like Doug Welch! lol
douglaswelch: HA HA HAHAHAHA
burtlo: wow, sarah! beautiful pictures!
douglaswelch: Vanity, thy name is
marylynn3: Douglas I like how you link to all of your blogs from your main
burtlo: sarah, are you doing photos as a biz?
douglaswelch: @Mary there was some discussion in my Mastermind group about that. Some thought it good, some bad. I saw it as examples of my New Media work, so I left them in
curmudgeongal: I am pitiful with my web page, have my domain in my name and never did the page
marylynn3: Sarah your pics are amazing. Just added you as a contact
burtlo: curmudgeon, it’s such an effort for me, i’ve got three domains and i often have no inspiration for how to pre
douglaswelch: @Alice Check out – This is a free web page Editor. Also, grab a friend or family member to get something up for you
burtlo: me too, sarah
curmudgeongal: same here, I just closed 2 of them down and forgot them
douglaswelch: We all need a “place for our stuff” as George Carlin said
burtlo: i’ve also got that’s the most minimal site yet. i did my photo site with iWeb.
douglaswelch: You can even make a WordPress blog as the main page. That makes entering new content easier since you don’t have to edit pages, etc
curmudgeongal: I’ll check it out, I have used GoDaddy in the past and found it so cranky that it annoyed me to go in update
burtlo: @doug, did you finish your thought about family members?
douglaswelch: The easiest is to set up a blog, buy a custome domain and then point that domain at the blog
burtlo: @doug, any opinion on
douglaswelch: @BurtLo Oh just something about getting a family member to put together a simple page, if nothing else
guest-15245 entered the room
douglaswelch: As I mentioned earlier, I still have 3 blogs on Blogger. It is an acceptable choice. I lean towards as you can easily migrate it to a full WordPress install on your ownb site, if you wis
curmudgeongal: I can do a simple page, it’s the updating and fancy-ing up that gets me
guest-15245 changed nickname to livingcareers
curmudgeongal: I did a simple page for
douglaswelch: @alice that is where a Blog really comes in handy. You focus on the content, not on fiddling with the pages
curmudgeongal: ok, gotcha
douglaswelch: @Alice I just did a short screencast on how you point a GoDaddy domain to a wordpress blog a few days ago
douglaswelch: It is a video
curmudgeongal: is it on your site?
douglaswelch: I think it must be on the NMI Site….Here it is
marylynn3: This site also has lots of blogger tips and templates
douglaswelch: @MaryLynn Thanks!
douglaswelch: Hello Living Careers!
curmudgeongal: thank you!
douglaswelch: I am trying to make sure when I answer a question for someone I do a screencast or blog post to share with everyone in NMI and on my blog
douglaswelch: Again, it is about capturing the content we create and not letting it disappear. I think that relates
douglaswelch: to something Burt asked earlier about how we generate content, etc
douglaswelch: @LivingCareers if you have a question or comment just jump in 🙂
curmudgeongal: Gotta go feed my dogs, thanks for all the info – bye for now!
douglaswelch: Night Alice
tracypattin: thanks!!
douglaswelch: Sorry to those who arrived later, but it is now 8 pm and we usually wrap up about this time
burtlo: later alice! thanks
burtlo: thanks all. i had fun! see you around
marylynn3: I just remembered a friend who uses for photo sharing
livingcareers: thanks Doug, will do
douglaswelch: The conversation continues 24/7 though on the New Media Interchange Community site at
burtlo changed nickname to facebook_user
douglaswelch: Post your questions there and we will all chime in!
marylynn3: Thanks Douglas. I’m off to check out Nvu! Another fantastic NMI chat 🙂
douglaswelch: Thank you all for coming! Visit the community site and fill out your profiles there.
rockwanderer: cool. Catch you on the flip side.
douglaswelch: From you will also find a link to the NMI Email lsit for announcements of these chats and more
livingcareers: bye for now, this was GREAT
douglaswelch: The transcript of this chat will appear on both of these sites, too
douglaswelch: Join us again in 2 weeks on Dec 8, 2009
douglaswelch: Announcement of this upcoming will appear on all the New Media Interchange sites
douglaswelch: Thanks again everyone! Bring your questions and we will help bring the power of New Media to you!
douglaswelch: Be well all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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