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New Media Gear 22: Blue Microphones Spark Digital Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone for Apple iPad and USB 2.0

New Media Gear 22: Blue Microphones Spark Digital Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone for Apple iPad and USB 2.0

I don’t often currently have the need to record high-quality audio to my iPad or iPhone, but I know a lot of podcasters who record to their mobile devices as a matter of course. The Spark would certainly add a level of quality to mobile recording while removing the need for mixing boards, phantom power and other encumbrances that make location recording difficult. The Spark plugs directly into the data connection of both older iPads using the 30-pin connector and also newer units with Apple’s Lightning Connector.

I have always liked Blue’s products, including a Blue Snowball that I currently own, and the Spark looks like it could be another great product. 

Listen to audio samples from Blue Microphones web site


  • Features Blue’s legendary studio condenser capsule and electronic components
  • iOS compatible with iPod touch (4th Gen), iPhone 4/4S, iPad/iPad2/iPad (3rd Gen)
  • Use the Apple Lightning Adapter (sold separately) for compatibility with iPhone 5, iPad (4th Gen), and iPad Mini
  • Work with Garage Band and other recording applications
  • Focus Control switch offers two sonic signatures in one mic, plus onboard control for volume, gain and instant mute
  • Headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring

Click for more information and reviews on this product.

Blue Web Site

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