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Upgrade WordPress to 2.9.2

Keeping your self-hosted WordPress blogs up to very important to prevent technical issues and to close security holes that have been discovered. users don’t need to concern themselves with these upgrades as handles that internally for all its users.

I just completed the upgrade on 4 of my WordPress sites with no problems. I use the automatic upgrade feature built into WordPress which basically consists of pushing a button.

Log into you WordPress sites today and keep them upgraded for trouble free operation.


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  1. Thanks for the Update…Just updated my blog with latest 2.9.2 after taking a clean backup 🙂

  2. hi , i want to upgrade my wordpress to 2.9.2
    Can you guy help to tell me how to do it.
    thanks a lot

  3. WordPress 2.8 and 2.9 come with an automatic upgrade feature that works very well. Using this is the best way to upgrade your WordPress site.

    If you are using older versions, you need to download the WordPress software, unpack it and then ftp it to your web site. There are several areas you need to tread with caution, though, so if that is that case, let me know and we can delve into that type of upgrade.


  4. Rudy says:

    how about with no automatic upgrade in my blog????

    • dewelch says:

      On (the hosted version) you are upgraded automatically since WordPress controls all those installs directly. You shouldn’t have to do anything.

      • Rudy says:

        i want to put my fovourite plugin in my blog and based on tutorial i must go to plugin setting panel but there is no plugin setting panel in my blog…
        should i upgrade my blog to the latest version before which is support the plugin???

  5. dewelch says:

    I see.

    On you cannot install your own plugins or themes. You can only do that on a self-hosted WordPress blog that is on your own web site.

    This is a limitation of, not an issue with any updates.

  6. dewelch says:

    What is your native language

    I can reply and translate using Google, if it will help.

    • Rudy says:

      you may send it to my email…(
      sorry for my stupid question, i am just a new blogger…
      thanks a lot before Mr. Dewelch…

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