New Media Interchange

Top New Media Interchange Posts for 2011

Here are the top posts on New Media Interchange for 2011

Elsewhere: Why is Video Hard? Five Shots and Patterns
Video: Crazy Downhill Urban Bike Race Caught On Helmet Cam
Interested in an Ojai New Media Retreat?
360 Panoramic Lens for iPhone – New Kickstarter Project
WordPress 2.9 upgrade fails on GoDaddy shared server(s)
Screencast: Forwarding GoDaddy Domain to Blog
How do you make a living in New Media?
Video: Palimpsests – Norman Klein – CalArts / Art Center
Upgrade WordPress to 2.9.2
News: YouTube Now Lets You Remove its Logo From Video Player – For Better or For Worse
New Media Gift Guide #10: Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone
Top New Media Interchange Posts for 2010
Book Reading: Mastering Monologues and Acting Sides: How to Audition Successfully for Both Traditional and New Media
Cokin MAGNE-FIX lens adapters for small cameras
Super Happy Vlog House – This Saturday – Ojai, CA
Elsewhere Online: Web Content Corner With Jenni Powell: 5 Things Not To Do On A Web Project Shoot…And What To Do Instead
Video: WGA “Tout your own horn” New Media Panel
[Tip] Record short audio and video tips…
[Tip] Before following people on Twitter fill out your profile info. Help people to follow you back, not ignore you!
Elsewhere Online: Vimeo Video School Offers Free Tutorials to Help Improve Your Video Skills [How To]
Promote your favorite podcasts and help other listen/watch
Podcast Highlight: Podcast Perspective with Steve Riekeberg



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