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MediaCampLA is in the planning stages — Become an organizer!

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Following my successful founding of CareerCampLA and CareerCampSCV, I am moving forward with another unconference idea I have had for a while — MediaCampLA.

This unconference will focus on New Media of all sorts including online video sharing sites, podcasting and social media like Facebook, Twitter and more. I have attended many New Media conferences over the years, but it always seemed odd that Los Angeles — the main hub of entertainment in the US — didn’t have its own conference. There are so many people that could greatly benefit from such a conference — both in entertainment and other businesses — so I wanted to develop some sort of event here in my own backyard.

Having attended several BarCamps and other unconferences, I am sold on the concept of a conference organizing and structured by its attendees. Instead of calling in the typical A-list speakers, unconference draw on the large amount of amazing talent and information that exists locally. It provides a space for the underseen and underheard people to start sharing their message. Often these messages turn into something much larger, but these people and their ideas need the opportunity to be heard and spread. MediaCampLA hopes to provides a platform that allows for creation of “The Next Big Thing!”

If you are interested in helping to organize MediaCampLA, you can join the mailing list for MediaCampLA and check out he MediaCampLA blog. We are also on Twitter at @MediaCampLA and Facebook.

For more information, read What is MediaCampLA?


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